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Writing a breast cancer essay paper

Writing Breast Cancer Essay Paper While Studying.
Most often women suffer for breast cancer and it is the most spread kind of cancer among them. According to statistics every third woman in the USA has this illness. The determination of breast cancer is malignancies, menacing tumors that are possible in one or two breasts.


How to Start Essay about Breast Cancer


Preparing exciting and popular breast cancer essay paper is possible if you will fully describe all important information about this disease. Thus, tell about the anatomic structure of the female breast. For example use following interpretation – female breast includes fatty and stringy connective tissues. Inwardly the breast is separated for numerous of sections that named as lobes. Each this part is also divided into lobules where milk-producing glands contained. These glands are needed for placing milk to tiny ducts. And these ducts serve the role of storing milk in a sector that is placed under the nipple.
In breast cancer essay paper tells about kinds of breast cancer:

  • invasive,
  • and noninvasive.

The first type permeates the wall of a duct. Invasive cancer is very general and constitutes 70% of all cancer cases. Noninvasive cancer propagates through a wall of a lobule and accounts 8% of the breast cancer occasions. Thus, this kind could appear in two breasts, even in many separate parts.


Causes of the Disease


One of the greatest questions in cancer research is causes of this disease. Breast cancer essay paper should explain that the cause of it is unknown; scientists suggest that estrogen can be involved. Estrogen is a hormone that is made by ovaries. Researchers suggest that this hormone is displayed a long time and it makes a risk. But be ready there are some risk moments that lead to breast cancer.
So, you can propose few causes of breast cancer in women and opposite them with similar causes explained in ovarian cancer reflective essay:

  1. Most researchers identify heredity as a cause of breast cancer appearing. But it’s not the required factor because according to statistics only about 20% of women who have this disease in their families have the same problem.
  2. Menstruation is also one of the risk related factors. The researchers have explored those women who had menstruation before the age of 12 have more risks to have cancer. Women were not pregnant after the age of 30 may have many risks.
  3. Diet and cancer have a connection as well. It’s all because most diet includes chemicals, high alcohol level, and birth control pills accepting and so on. But all evidence of this fact are not established yet – there are many contradicting results of these researches.

How to Make Your Essay Interesting

Your essay will be more interesting if you will make the own research on this topic. Thus, don’t forget to explain about 4 stages of breast cancer where the therapy depends on the kind and stage of the disease. Women from 40 to 55 are in a risk group and can die in this age because of breast cancer. Be attentive because cancer cells from breast cancer could be found in the lymph modes near the arm. Besides, cancer can spread to other body parts.

In your breast cancer essay paper explain all risks that are possible. For example, give the numbers that different kinds of cancer took few million lives last years all over the world. Nowadays about 12 million people in the USA have a treatment now.
To detect breast cancer could be easy and difficult at the same time. It’s easy because any strange lump on your breast could be a characteristic of breast cancer, and it's changing in a wart or mole could symbolize the cancer growth. But probably the better way to detect the disease is going through mammography.


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