What to write in essays on cancer

How to Write Assays on Cancer

There are so many diseases in the whole world. One of them could be treated but others may kill the patient. For instance, cancer is a common name for a group of illnesses when cells change themselves in structure and view. In your essays on cancer tell that this disease is the popular cause of death in the USA and other countries as well.
Writing an essay is a responsible task and you should be serious while preparing it. First, make sure you know everything about the correct structure of the essay. Then prepare a brief plan of your writing, do not forget to keep introduction, body and conclusion parts. Adding some lists and paragraphs will make your text easy to read. And here you may take some important information to use in your essays on cancer.

Add Informative Part

Include in your cancer introduction essay following general facts:

  1. Cancer can be developed because of genetic causes. It’s just the single gene in one chromosome can be passed from one generation to another. So, this disease has a treatment but it can appear again.
  2. Genetic defect provokes stomach and breast cancer, but lung cancer could appear after smoking cigarettes.
  3. Cancer can be found in people at the ages 40-55.
  4. Breast cancer is mostly common for women than men.

Essays on cancer also should include general information. For instance, their many people die because of this disease because they don’t know they are sick, but early stages of this illness can be treated successfully.

Types of Cancer

There are also few types of cancer you can describe in essays on cancer as a separate chapter:

  • sarcoma – is cancer that is developed in muscles, bones, tissues etc;
  • carcinoma – is found in internal organs on the origins of skin and cells;
  • lymphoma – is a cancer of lymph glands and nodes;
  • leukemia – is a dangerous cancer of blood forming organs and bone marrow.

Cancer Causes

Unfortunately, the real cause of the cancer appearing is unknown. There are many factors can lead to cancer disease. For example, too much smoking and drinking alcohol may the reason of cancer. Chewing tobacco is also dangerous. If your work is related to heavy metals and other dangerous materials you are in a risk group. Avoid ionic radiations, gamma rays and so on – all these things are dangerous to your life and health.
In the conclusion of essays on cancer give the optimistic prognoses. Your summary of the essay will have all necessary statements that you have described in the text. Good luck with this complex topic!