Writing cause and effect of cancer essay

How to Write Essay about Cause and Effect of Cancer

There are numerous of terminal diseases that people can’t treat, and cancer is one of the very terrible of them. Unlike AIDS that is spread in low developed countries, this illness has a bigger geography, and it doesn’t matter you are rich or poor. There are a big variety of kinds of cancer, but therefore the environment problems lung cancer is the most spread nowadays.

essay about cancer

Cancer Causes

And what do you know about this disease? Are you and your family protected? Here you may find few tips that will help in creating cause and effect of cancer essay.

  1. The most well-known cause of lung cancer appearing is smoking. According to statistics, smoking is a reason of 86% happenings of this illness, it includes also the passive impact on smoking breathe by others. If a person starts smoking at youthful age the chance of cancer is increasing.
  2. Genetics may also provoke lung disease. So if some member of your family had this kind of cancer, you may also get the illness. But it is not researched very well whether genes enhance the possibility of cancer appearing or just increase the person’s opportunities of cancer growth.
  3. Also other diseases can reason the lung cancer like tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary and so on.
  4. The exposure of asbestos fibers and common materials can lead to cancer. Work with this material is dangerous for your life.

Cancer Symptoms

It’s not so hard to diagnose this illness by yourself, write possible symptoms in your cause and effect of cancer essay:

  • breath shortness,
  • blood while coughing,
  • chronic cough or some changes in a regular cough,
  • rale,
  • hurt in chest in the stomach,
  • fatigue and bad appetite.

Give in your cause and effect of cancer essay geographic location of cancer in the world. Mostly this disease is happening in highly developed countries and less developed ones do not have too many problems with this illness, it concerns Africa and South America.

cause and effect of cancer essay

How to Treat Cancer

Cancer could be treated in the light stages of the disease, and it is various. Mostly doctors appoint chemotherapy, well known as “chemo” also. Only early stage of the disease can be cured, and this procedure kills all cancer cells and it reduce the risk of disease’s coming back. There are also side effects after this procedure such as anemia, changed appetite, problems with bleeding, fatigued and so on.
In an essay about cancer tell also about radiation therapy as a way of treatment. This procedure charges parties of shrink cancerogenic and cancer cells die.
So, as you see cancer is not so scared illness, the treatment is possible. Write about it in your cause and effect of cancer essay.